Domain Names

Domain Name Tips

Choose a domain name

Know your target audience and your visitors, why do they visit your website? Choose domain names that you think clearly represent your company
Your Domain is your Identity

Try and make your domain name as close to your company name as is possible if your company name is already well established outside the Internet. Many visitors may try to guess your domain name based on your company name

Avoid Trademark Domains

Ensure that there will be no trademark or other legal problems with the domain name you choose.

The easier your domain the better
Keep domain names short and simple and you’ll make them memorable. Remember that people may misspell your domain if it’s too long and complicated.
Try to avoid using Dashes
The bottom line with hyphens is that most domains don’t include them. So, when you tell someone your domain, they’ll probably try typing it without any hyphens.

Make use of Simple Words

Don’t use words that are tough to spell. Similarly, don’t use words that are spelled differently in some countries. For example, “” may confuse those of us in the Antipodes who would probably expect “”.

Remember to Renew your domain
Remember, you don’t *own* your domain name forever. You’re merely renting it for a specified period. Don’t let your domain name expire, or your competitors may snatch it out from under you.